Going commando is a blissful experience for all the women across the world. Well, who likes to wear panty every time? No one, of course! However, many misconceptions still prevail about not wearing a panty.  But to celebrate the freedom of not wearing a panty, National No Panty Day is celebrated every year on June 22. As the name suggests, to observe the day, people can skip wearing underwear and continue with their day just like other days. So basically, on No Panty Day, women don't wear underwear while doing their household work or going to work.

History of No Panty Day

There is no specific history of observing No Panty Day; however, it is believed that panties gained a lot of popularity during the mid-1980s. Until the 14th century not wearing underwear underneath a cloth was considered to be good; although, panties first appeared during the 12th century.  After the 18th century, a special day had been designated to commemorate not wearing panties like earlier days.

Significance of No Panty Day

No Panty Day is celebrated every year to make women feel liberated and powerful. However, few people believe that the day is observed as a challenge to not wear panties and walk out in public.

But believe it or not, going commando or no panty is not a big deal until and unless you are telling everyone that you are doing it.  Not wearing panty has several benefits. Honestly, it is extremely comfortable, you feel free all day long. Going commando can actually prevent from having any kind of irritation down there.

On the other hand, No Panty can also help you to wear more light-coloured pants as panty lines won't be visible making you feel less uncomfortable in the public. You will also feel sexy and even your partner will definitely find it hot if you are not wearing underwear during the intimate moment.  So, it always better to skip panties. Now, here's wishing all the women across the world a very Happy No Panty Day 2021.

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