Ever heard of something called as sperm allergy? Officially called seminal plasma hypersensitivity, the condition is just as rare as the term. However, sperm allergy affects women in more ways than it affects men. To begin with, sperm or semen allergy is an unusual and extremely rare condition that is caused due to the reaction to the proteins found in a man’s semen. Some of the most common reactions to semen allergy would be itching, burning and redness of the skin. One of the most severe reactions to semen allergy is also difficulty in breathing. While it is largely believed that sperm allergy is caused when having sex for the first time, it can also be a result of having multiple partners. According to some reports online, sperm allergy can be misdiagnosed as vaginitis, i.e. yeast infection or STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease). Sperm Count and Semen Quality: 6 Everyday Habits That Are Killing Your Swimmers. 

This rare condition can hamper the sex life of a couple in many ways. For instance, it strains the relationship of a couple that’s planning to start a family. While there are ways to become pregnant even with sperm allergy, the process can be utterly painful. A semen allergy, however, doesn’t affect your baby once you are pregnant.

Other signs of semen allergy to look out for are:

  • Redness, burning and itchy skin once the semen has come in contact with the vagina
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Hives all over the body

How to treat semen allergy?

One of the most common and obvious ways to avoid sperm allergy would be to avoid coming in contact with your partner’s semen. Don’t let it enter your vagina and hence, it is always recommended to have protected sex.

Another process that couples can undertake is an intravaginal graded challenge that involves putting diluted amounts of your partner’s semen into your vagina. However, it is recommended to have sex twice or thrice a week.

There are a couple of other ways to treat semen allergy, however, taking a gynac’s advice is always recommended. An important point to note is that semen allergy might not go away on its own. Medical treatments are mandatory to bring the condition in control.

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