Did you know that a good night’s sleep can improve your memory and mood throughout the day? Sound sleep also has numerous other benefits, including helping to improve your heart health and immune system, regulate blood sugar levels, manage body weight better, reduce stress and boost productivity. Your mattress plays a key role in ensuring a good night's sleep. If your existing mattress is old, worn out or has lost its elasticity, ventilation, or firmness, you need to change it right away. But what qualities should you look for to buy the perfect new mattress online? Here are some features to consider.

Contoured Support

When you sleep, you may change your postures frequently. For example, you may fall off to sleep on your side and wake up on your back or stomach. Not all types of mattresses can support all your sleeping postures. This can lead to muscle pain and disturbed sleep.

No need to worry. Now you can shop online mattress that offers additional support for deep and peaceful sleep. Memory foam mattresses, for example, can provide contoured support according to your body shape, thereby relieving pressure on your body. These orthopedic mattresses are great for people who tend to suffer from neck and back pain. If you suffer from regular and/or intense muscle pain, you can even choose luxury mattress. These have an extra layer of padding along the edges to provide additional comfort.

Proper Ventilation and Breathability

The mattress you use should be sufficiently breathable to allow proper blood circulation. This can prevent your muscles from stiffening or aching. Such a mattress can also prevent heat from getting trapped between the mattress and your body. If you experience night sweats often, you may consider breathable mattresses.

Sleeping on a non-breathable mattress can also increase snoring and cause allergies. Wish to address all these concerns? Then, buy mattress online that comes with excellent air circulation. Choose one with soft and premium quality quilted fabric and breathable knitted top fabric to provide sufficient ventilation. It can help you sleep comfortably and significantly reduce body pain.

Firm or Soft

You can choose a firm, medium or soft mattress according to your preference. But what if your partner’s preferences are different from yours? A YoursNMine matchress can be the perfect solution. This is a half-and-half customizable mattress, where you can choose two halves of differing firmness. For instance, you can select half firm and half soft, half firm and half medium or half medium and half soft. That way, you and your partner can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Water Repellency

Poor-quality mattresses become damp when someone spills water or other liquids on them. Damp mattresses become a breeding ground for germs. Instead, you can buy water repellent mattresses online. Choose mattresses that come with an inbuilt protector to resist water spillages. Some of them even resist stains, keeping your mattress looking new for years to come. Such a feature is particularly helpful for your children’s room, as they are more prone to spilling things on their bed. Consider choosing a soft mattress to ensure your little one sleeps comfortably.

There are a few other things that you need to remember when you shop for the best sleep mattresses online. Look for features like pressure-relieving, excellent quality foam, a soft top fabric of premium quality, anti-sagging, stain-resistant, anti-pilling, and water repellent. Also, see whether the products come with a 12-years warranty or have undergone a 30-nights trial. Then you can buy such mattresses with complete peace of mind and look forward to deep slumber.

Also, check the mattress sizes when you buy them online. As per the size of your bed, you can choose mattresses of diwan size, single size mattress, double bed mattress, king size or queen size mattress. If needed, look for custom options for product size and fabric. You can even check out custom top covers. Besides these, look at the mattress patterns and consider popular choices like geometric patterns. You can also consider an add-on antiviral treatment to ensure safety with comfort. Tick off these features to help yourself and your loved ones get a good night's sleep.