COVID-19 has changed the way we travel. From temperature checks to using hand-sanitisers, wearing masks to maintaining distance, COVID-19 has completely transformed our lifestyle. With countries closing borders and cancelling flights, travelling for many has come to a standstill. It is highly risky to travel if you are not fully vaccinated. Following the protocol while travelling has become a necessity for all and needs to be followed with due consideration.

For those who will travel amid the risk of COVID-19, planning a trip needs a detailed study on places that are at low risk and also ensuring those places are properly sanitised. There’s always a question if moving out for a short trip will be safe enough for you as well as your family. So, if you are planning a holiday, these are some protocols that need to be followed by all.

Whenever you step out, follow the preventive measures of COVID-19 by

  • Wearing a face mask or face shield,
  • Washing your hands regularly,
  • Maintaining a physical distance of 6 feet (2 meters) between you and others as much as possible.
  • Avoid gathering in crowded places and stay away from people who are unwell.

Vaccination is regarded as an essential and important weapon to fight the pandemic. If you have taken both doses of vaccination, it is recommended that you wait at least for 2 weeks before you step out to travel. However, get yourself checked with an RT-PCR report or an antigen test before you make your travel plans.

Prefer finding places where you can stay in open, well-ventilated settings.  Also, it is vital to follow COVID-19 travel policies and rules that have been listed by the hotels, airports, bus terminals and train stations to avoid getting infected.

For those who have not taken the vaccine, you should quarantine yourself for a few days to avoid putting other people at risk. With this you can reduce the risk by not getting together with other people and not participating in higher-risk activities like indoor dining. Therefore, even if you are moving out, wearing a mask is mandatory!

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