What is Dry Shampoo?

Essentially it’s a powder or fast-drying spray that provides a water-free option for cleansing your hair. Dry shampoo absorbs excess sebum and other oils from your roots, freshens up the rest of your hair and leaves it smelling fresher.

Batiste is the World’s #1 dry shampoo brand that leaves your hair looking and feeling fresh while providing added texture and volume so that every day is your best hair day!

Why Was the Brand Born?

Batiste was launched in the 1970s as a branded answer to using talcum powder to cleanse hair and prolong the time between washes.

Batiste as a dry shampoo helps women to have great looking hair in no time so that they can look and feel glamorous whenever, wherever.

Why Should You Use Batiste?

      • To save time. Whenever there’s no time for a proper shampoo and blow-dry, dry shampoo is your friend and saviour.
      • To be able to shampoo less frequently. Why is that an issue? Frequent shampooing can strip moisture from certain hair types (coarse, curly, thick, fragile, etc.) so if yours fall into one of those categories, it’s best to shampoo less. Dry shampoo lets you go longer without suffering matted or oily roots.
      • To stretch out a blow-out.  You invest in a beautiful styling service, and of course, you want it to last as long as possible before shampooing. You can easily add a few days to your blow-out with dry shampoo.
      • To eliminate odour. Your hair may not look or feel dirty, but may have a smell. Many dry shampoo formulas feature a pleasant fragrance to instantly refresh your hair.
      • To add volume. This is one of the best bonuses of dry shampoo. Not only does it make your hair look, feel and smell fresher and cleaner, it also gives you a real boost! Directing a powder or spray dry shampoo at your roots immediately adds volume and fullness—as if you’ve just blown-out your hair!
      • To refresh a style or curls. Dry shampoo isn’t just for an oily scalp. Mist the rest of your hair lightly, grab your brush and blow dryer and do a quick re-style to perk up droopy waves or curls.
      • To save time. Whenever there’s no time for a proper shampoo and blow-dry, dry shampoo is your friend and saviour.
      • To add texture. Silky hair is lovely and desirable…most of the time. Sometimes, though, a little bit of grit is helpful—like if you’re doing a messy bun or a cool, Pinterest-worthy braid. That’s when in-the-know stylists turn to dry shampoo—it gives too-silky strands the heft they need to form and hold a textured upstyle or braid.


  • Shake, Spray, Massage and Style!

    What Makes Batiste Special?

    • Market leader: Batiste is the #1 dry shampoo brand worldwide.

    Available in 80+ markets.

    • Pioneer: Batiste is the original dry shampoo and category pioneer.

    • Continuous innovation and superior formulation: Batiste has set a higher standard in the dry shampoo category.

    • Expert: Batiste has been a hair stylist’s secret weapon for 30 years now.

    What We Offer?

  • Batiste dry shampoo comes in different variants –
  • 1. The Fragrance Range
  • • This range is the entry point in the brand.

    • Available in 2 sizes – 50 ml priced at INR 349 and 200 ml priced at INR 649.

    • All SKUs in this range have an award-winning formula with fragrance being the primary differentiator.

    • Available in fragrances such as Batiste Original, Blush, Tropical, Cherry, Fresh, Wildflower.

  • 2. Dry Plus Range
  • • This range is the next development for the brand after the Fragrance Range.

    • Available in 200 ml priced at INR 749.

    • The SKUs in this range provide benefits like volume, colour, shine and conditioning.

    • We have Batiste Divine Dark and Beautiful Brunette which provide a hint of colour and Batiste Heavenly Volume which gives your hair that instant volume,

    • This range has a more premium look and feel on the shelf.

  • How Is Batiste Different From Other Dry Shampoo Brands Available in the Market?
  • • Batiste does not leave a white residue on the hair/scalp like most brands.

    • Available in different variants of fragrances and textures to choose from.

    • One of the only brand which provides a colored dry shampoo alternative to match your original hair color.

    How To Use Batiste?

    It’s very easy, just Shake the bottle, Spray from a distance of 12 inches, Massage into your scalp, and Style! 60 seconds to gorgeous looking hair.

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