Duck Survives a Tiger Attack! This Viral Video Teaches Us How to Duck Problems Skilfully
This cheeky dude is everyone's guru!!

How many times in our life we come across a situation, a grave one and realise we’re done now? Too many, right. Did you think of ducking it? Not really. Instead, we let the monstrous problem take control of our life. Sometimes, a little presence of mind and a bit of calm head can help us get out of the worst of events. Like this little duck did. It avoided becoming a meal of a ferocious tiger on the prowl. A viral video now dubbed as ‘Tiger vs Duck’ has been doing the rounds on social media for quite some time and after seeing it, you’ll realise just why! Indian Woman Bravely Fights off a Tiger With a Stick, Takes a Selfie After Surviving the Attack.

The viral footage of a little over ten seconds shows a small duck floating in a small muddy pool. The little chap is clearly unaware of the arriving problem as the sneaky tiger slowly creeping up behind it. A thing everyone knows for sure is that it’s almost impossible to get a ferocious wildcat off the hook, especially when they are on a hunt. But much to the viewers and our predator’s shock, the duck had its own plan to survive. It was not as unaware of its surrounding as one thought.

Watch Video Of Duck Escaping Tiger Attack Like a Boss

Just when the tiger bridged the gap to grab the bird, the cheeky duck dived underwater. Yes, just in a fraction of second, tiger’s tasty meal vanished into the water leaving him quite stunned we must say. The amusement does not end here as we see the ducky to emerge from the water after sensing the coast is clear of danger. As for the big cat, he seemed very, very confused at the turn of events. King Cobra, 17-feet-long Found in Odisha: Video of Rare Deadly Snake Warded Off To Nearby Jungle in Mayurbhanj.

Entrepreneur Harsh Mariwala Writes, "Survival Skills 101 – The Duck Just ‘Ducked’"

The exact source of the video remains unclear days after being posted by a famous wildlife Instagram account @planetwildanimals. Nevertheless, it continues to draw a lot of attention for all the right reasons. Recently, Harsh Mariwala, an Indian entrepreneur, founder and Chairman of Marico, a Fortune India 500 company tweeted the video with the caption, “Survival skills 101 - the duck just 'ducked' #Survival #Animals #Instinct.” Truly, the duck shows how to survive the big bad world like a boss.