Kinnaur, July 26: Several fake news are recently doing rounds on social media, creating panic among the masses. One such video post is going viral in which a traffic jam could be seen in a mountainous area. It has been shared with a claim that there is a long traffic jam in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh as tourists are returning. Notably, the video went viral a day after a tragic landslide incident in Kinnaur on Sunday claimed lives of nine tourists. However, the claim made by the post is false and misleading. Rainwater Entered Into DTC Bus in Delhi? Old Video of Rainwater Gushing inside Jaipur Bus Is Being Shared With False Claims; Here Is The Truth.

According to Punjabi website, Rozana Spokesperson, the video post which is going viral with a claim that it is from Himachal’s Kinnuar district is actually from Pakistan’s Kaghan Valley. The Twitter handle named “The Himalayan Club” shared the video post with the claim, “Tourists returning from #HimachalPradesh #Himachal #Kinnaur”. It was shared by “The Himalayan Club” on July 26 at around 9:35 pm. Centuries-Old Manuscript in Sanskrit Excavated From Ram Janmabhoomi? Unrelated Video is Being Shared on Social Media With Misleading Claims; Here's The Truth.

Tweet By Himalayan Club:

However, the video was first shared by “Destination Pakistan” on July 25. It tweeted, “Situation at Balakot-Naran Road. Too many tourists heading towards the northern areas after EID.” In the video, long traffic jams could be seen in the area. Pakistani website 24News HD also confirmed the same. “Shortages of food and fuel have been adding to stranded people’s woes. They have been making a litany of complaints to the authorities concern but to no avail,” reported the Pakistani website.

Tweet By Destinationa Pakistan: 

It is not the first time that a viral video is being shared with false claims. Last month, an image of a river choked with plastic garbage went viral on social media with a false claim that it was Mumbai’s Mithi river. However, the picture of a plastic-choked river was from Manila, Philippines.

LatestLY advices its readers should verify the facts and should always visit official websites before sharing any viral post.

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