Father-Baby 'Girls Like You' Lip Sync Video Gets a Desi Parody! Watch Funny Spoof of the Viral Video
Girls Like You parody video (Photo credits: Video grab)

The internet is seriously a funny place. As much as it gives you cute videos to look and admire, there are equally funny videos that will make you laugh till your stomach hurts. And given the reach of the network, anything can go viral. The latest video that has all the social media people going awww is the lip-sync between a cute baby and his dad. The video emerged just about a day ago and no sooner, it was everywhere on the timelines. The video went so viral that someone has even made a Desi parody video mocking it. Baby Lip Syncing to 'Girls Like You' With Dad is Too Cute to Handle, Watch Adorable Video. 

The new video tries to take a dig at the original cute video and fails, or maybe not. It does make you laugh with the sheer stupidity of it. This new video feature two completely grown up guys, one just shorter than the other. The shorter and thinner one has become the child. They try to lip-sync and fail miserably, as one of the guys, only tries to keep adjusting the towel. Adolf Hitler Downfall Parodies: From Watching Salman Khan's Movies to Modi's Note Ban These Videos of Hitler's Rant are Hilarious! 

Watch video of Girls Like You Father and Baby Parody

The video has got over 3.5 lakh views and close to 6,000 shares. People are enjoying tagging their friends and laughing out at these guys who have made the video. What do you think about this parody video? Do you guys like it, do let us know in the comments section!