The good part of social media is up for display in the last couple of days as people shower their support for Baba Ka Dhaba local food stall in Delhi. From a viral video showing the 80-year-old couple crying for having no customers, to happily smiling seeing the turnout of customers, everyone loved this story. And as we celebrate the good power of social media, there's an appeal for another such "Baba ka Dhaba" example of a 90-year-old in Agra. Kanji Bade Wala in Agra is now going viral after a social media user appealed people to help. And as people decide to visit him and support, the bigger point of this idea is to support local more now than ever. Not just food stalls, the initiative of support needs to go towards vegetable vendors, fruit sellers, diya and lantern makers to any other small businesses around us. Baba Ka Dhaba of Elderly Couple in South Delhi’s Malviya Nagar Now Listed on Zomato After Video Goes Viral! Food-Delivery App Thanks 'Good People of the Internet'.

A little about Agra's Kanji Bade Wala, the 90-year-old has been selling Kanji Bade, a specialty from 40 years! Because of the pandemic, he earns barely Rs 250-300 per day which is not sufficient to make ends meet. His stall is in professors colony, Kamla Nagar, Agra, near desire Bakery. A video of his stall was shared first by an Instagram food blogger and is now getting all the attention from other social media users, including actor Swara Bhasker.

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As people pledge their support, the larger point we need to learn from this is to take the entire support local movement in our own cities and neighborhood. You need not be in Delhi or Agra to support these businesses, but you can always extend your good deeds to those around you in your colony, region or city. It need not always be a food stall. We tell you some other ways in which you can support 'Vocal for Local'.

  • Buying Groceries From Local Shops: It may seem convenient to order your grocery and vegetables from an online app but there will be always vegetable vendors in and around your areas. Step out to help the local vegetable and fruit sellers and try not to bargain too much. Because we are ready to pay the taxes amount on online orders so we can always give a little price to the local vendors.
  • Buying Diyas and Festive Decorations: The festival of Navratri and Diwali are soon approaching. Every festival has its special decor, the typical lighting of diyas and candles. Step out to buy the diyas, rangolis and decoration items from local vendors. They will not only be cheaper but also help the vendors in having their own celebrations.
  • Reconsider Your Online Orders: Every time you consider adding items to your cart, be it clothes or anything else, think if you can get them in a local shop nearby. Most small businesses also have an online portal these days, ask around and enquire for locally made stuff.
  • Volunteer Your Support: If you know someone who has started or is struggling to manage their local business, volunteer your support to them in whatever way you can.
  • Amplify Local Businesses: If you discover some great places, shops or businesses then do amplify it over social media to others as well. You know how one video/tweet/post has made a huge difference. So give shoutouts or convey to your friends, family and neighbors about a good local discovery you have made.

It is important because while brands already have an established identity, the local vendors have nothing to represent them. They are the ones who depend on daily wages to support their livelihood. The pandemic has come down hard on all of us but with no regular income or savings model, the local vendors' survival is at risk. The whole idea is to make it a regular practice to opt for local instead of always choosing the brands. It could be food stall, clothing store, decor items or groceries, give a preference to those around you. Go local and give strength to those who are faltering in this crisis. Let's show the good power of the internet also works just as well offline.

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