From No Trousers Tube Ride to Biggest White Shark in Hawaii, Here Are Top 7 Viral Videos of the Week
Viral Videos of the Week (Photo Credits: Twitter/ YouTube Screengrab)

It is that time of the week again, where we take a look back giving credits to the videos that went crazy viral. While #10YearChallenge of people reminiscing their vintage-self was everywhere on social media, the clips from across the world with some cute and others appalling, cannot be overlooked. Because, that’s what kept us all loud despite our regular boring schedule. Don’t you agree? From London commuters—No Trousers Tube Ride to the successful treatment of the puppy born with upside down paws, all these videos have kept the netizens’ smile constant.

Nothing quite tickles the soul as a viral video does. And it is the internet users who decides which videos should be seen by everyone, giving a thumbs up to the cutest ones or thumbs down for cringe-worthy clips or the ones, like the very recent footage of a Chinese company employees who were crawling on the road as punishment for missing targets that caused a social media outrage. Without any further delay, let us take a look at the top seven videos that went viral this week.

London No Trousers Tube Ride 2019

While many corners of the world were facing the chilliest weather, the commuters at London celebrated the 10th anniversary of the No Trousers Tube Ride, by taking a half-naked trip underground. The Stiff Upper Lip Society organised the event. Netizens applaud to all the bold half-naked travellers beating the January blues.

Two Women Twerking on a Moving Vehicle

This is an absolutely absurd case which happened on Interstate 64 in St. Louis. Two women were twerking on top of a moving vehicle while other women inside the car were hanging halfway out of the passenger window to record. Why on earth would anybody do that? The video did go viral, but netizens were not really impressed with the stunt.

Chinese Company Employees Crawl on Road as Punishment

This came in as an utter shocker for the netizens. We all can reasonably speculate what the repercussions could be for not putting up with the deadlines, but this is intolerable. It was reported that the employees who were made to crawl were women working for a company that sells beauty products. China’s social networking site users were outraged and shared the video widely. As the horrific incident garnered public attention, the police intervened and asked the group to stop carryout the punishment.

Deaf Baby Giggling After Hearing for the First Time

When the 11-month-old Scarlet Benjamin heard for the first time, her reactions left the internet in happy tears. The video that has gone viral shows the little one giggling continuously as she was hearing her 4-year-old sister calling her “baby sister” repeatedly. Similar videos of babies reacting on listening for the first time has earlier too gone viral multiple times. Every time it appears on the social media feed, the netizens cannot stop their happy tears.

Romeo Just Found His Juliet After 10 Years

This frog, aka Romeo after waiting for over a decade, found its partner. The Sehuencas water frog has been the last amphibian of its kind which lives in Cochabamba Natural History Museum in Bolivia. The museum people have been looking out for a partner for several years now. The Internet cannot be happy more as Romeo is all set to meet his Juliet on Valentine’s Day.

Puppy Born With Upside Down Paws

The Oklahoma puppy, Milo who was born with upside-down paws is now recovering from surgery to lead a regular life. Thanks to the doctor in Oklahoma State University’s Veterinary Center. The internet users are all at praise for the OSU doctor and are praying unanimously for the speedy recovery of the pup.

Biggest White Shark in Hawaii

Divers in Hawaii have made a fantastic discovery after they encountered a giant white shark. Since they are rarely seen near the Hawaiian seas, people just went crazy after spotting the giant creature. And yes, the researchers, who captured the moment have managed to survive.

These were few, mixed with raged and light-hearted incidents that left the users in mixed feelings this week. The viral videos indeed managed to bewilder or floor you. We wait for more such clips surfacing on the internet in the coming weeks.