If you are a millennial, navigating the current generation's language can be challenging. While every generation has some words that they specifically coined to describe their situations, so has the GenZ. So you must be coming across words like rizz, riyal, based primarily on the comments section of social media. And if you feel missed, here are some of the latest GenZ words with their meanings. 'Rs 50K Stipend, 5 Hours of Work': Gen Z Intern's Demands During Job Interview Goes Viral on Twitter, Sparks Debate Among Netizens.

Latest GenZ Slangs and Their Meanings

Riyal: While the literal meaning is Saudi Arabia's national currency, it means agreeing or making sense of something in the slang term. It is also similar to saying real but with a spelling difference, only to make it cool.

Rizz: The word Rizz is derived from charisma. Someone with rizz is one who is charming and puts themselves out there. The term is often used when referring to someone who can confidently and successfully pursue a potential romantic partner.

Based: This is more like a phrase of affirmation. Replying to someone with "based" means saying 'I agree' or 'That's right.' The slang emerged on TikTok as a means to communicate being yourself without caring what others think. Gen Z, Millennials Who Remain 'Very Online' Most Vulnerable to Fake News, Finds Study.

Sus: Sus is not much slang but a short form for suspicion. Sus is used about someone exhibiting or claiming suspicious behaviour.

Salty: Salty is far and has anything to do with food, at least in slang terms. So, if someone is salty, it refers to being jealous. The word has emerged due to hip-hop and gaming.

These are some words to add to your new vocabulary from GenZ. So next time you see these words in comment sections, you know what they mean.

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