Man Gets Bitten by a Turtle on Lips After He Tried to Smooch Him During a Fishing Trip in Massachusetts (Watch Video)
Man gets bitten by a turtle after he kisses him. (Photo Credits: YouTube Video Grab)

While dogs and cats might love attention of humans, not all animals are that friendly, especially when animals refuse to be cuddled. And when you try to push the boundaries with them just for laughs, you will surely bare the brunt. And one man learnt it the hard way when he tried to smooch a snapping turtle to cuddle him. While out on a fishing trip, Michael Ganley and his friend Victor Sanchez spotted some snapping turtles in the water in Burlington, Massachusetts. Ganley managed to coax the turtle towards him using some bait, clearly angering the turtle. Rat Snake Bites Panvel Court Judge Inside the Chamber.

Ganley had a crazy idea to coax one of the turtles to the surface and despite the turtle fighting him and clearly not wanting to leave the water, he picked it up in his arms and tried to cuddle it. “Who is a good boy?” the man asks the turtle as he leans in for a peck. But in an instant, as his lips meets the turtle’s snout, the reptile lunges at the man and grabs onto his lips.

Watch Video of a Man as He Gets Bitten by a Snapping Turtle

His friend Victor tried to warn Michael that the aggressive animal would ‘take his finger off’, but it was too late. Michael exclaims, ‘Ow!’ and looks disappointed that his attempt at befriending an animal who dangerous nature is clearly stated in its name has failed. The video ends there, however, we assume that he would have put the turtle back safely in water. This lesson should be for everyone who try to provoke animals and invoke any kind of abuse or unnecessary infringement on the animal’s rights.