You must have heard about Misheck Nyandoro, who has been going viral for quite some time because of having his life surrounded by sex, his 16 wives and 151 children. Yes, he can almost have a town for himself and his family. But he has recently revealed his 'four-times-a-night sex' schedule for this full-time job which is to satisfy his wives. This bizarre family is from Zimbabwe. A man having 16 marriages, and all his life he has been producing children. His only job now is to have children. So far the man has a total of 151 children and still he wants to have more and more children. Yes, he aims to have 100 wives and 1000 children. According to, this Zimbabwean man, Misheck Nyandoro, claims that his full-time job is just to keep his wives happy and sexually satisfied. Uganda: Wife Refuses to Have Sex With Husband After Marriage, Neighbors Reveal That 'She' is a Man!

According to the local news channel The Herald, even after the age of 66, he still wants to marry young women. This is because their old wives are no longer able to produce children at that speed. Misheck Nyandoro lives his life in a very luxurious style. He caters to the needs of their children and their wives cook for them and in return, they fulfill each other's desires. At the moment, Misheck Nyandoro does not want to stop with only 151 children and is now preparing to get married on the 17th. The father of 151 children, Misheck Nyandoro says that if possible, he wants to have 100 wives and about 1000 children. He also said that he is on a polygamy project, which he started in 1983 and wants to continue till his death.

According to the Daily Mail, Misheck Nyandoro is not currently involved in any work. "My only job is to give my wives complete sexual pleasure and to take care of them," he said.  So all the preparations have been completed for the 18th wedding next winter.

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