Moth Memes Have Taken Over the Internet and They Are Not ‘Light’ Humour! Check Funny Jokes
Moth memes (Photo credits: Twitter)

If there is one love story or dedication that has remained constant in nature, it is a moth's love for lamps and lights. A lamp acts as a magnet for a moth and believe it or not but there are some funny jokes being made on this simple fact. Well, in the age of the internet you clearly need no particular reason to make memes, and the moth is the latest target. What started with a simple Reddit joke months ago has gained traction now and the results are hilarious. Viral Pic of a Couple in a Nightclub Becomes a Hilarious Meme (View Pics). 

The meme game has really evolved with a moth in the picture. The original picture was a rather creepy moth staring through a window at a light and people went crazy to make memes. A moth's love for lamps is a trend that has caught on it is definitely not light humour. From Grumpy Cat to Donald Trump, Google Trends Show Steady Increase in Funny Meme Searches Since 2009. 

Check Some of the Memes and Jokes Made on the Moth

Moth's game is also strong!

A moth's pleasure

Moth loves lights

Classics are back

Out of Control

Moth is now on Tinder

A Moth's Entire life depicted


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Thomas Edison is Moth's favourite!

These are just a few of the many memes that have taken over the internet currently. Who would have thought a moth's love for lamps will get so much love from the people. Which are your favourite moth memes?