In a shocking incident, a principal has been accused of allegedly luring a 16-year-old and grooming her to have sex as he continued to chat with her for days. According to prosecutors, this middle school principal in upstate New York used Snapchat to try to get a 16-year-old girl to meet him for sex in a distant spot while bringing condoms, chicken nuggets, and a Grimace milkshake from McDonald's. As per New York Post, according to a statement from the Broome County Sheriff's Office, Johnson City Middle School Principal Daniel Erickson was detained on Friday and charged with attempted rape and enticing a kid. Before being detained, Erickson, 55, is said to have been in contact with the teen for at least a week.

The New York principal made statements to her that indicated he was "going to engage in sexual conduct with the minor," the sheriff’s office said. He then used "his position as the Johnson City Middle School Principal and school district database information to convince the 16-year-old girl who he really was," authorities said. Colleen Ballinger 'Grooming' Allegations EXPLAINED: Gaslighting Kids, Labour Exploitation and Other Accusations Against the Popular YouTuber Who Created Miranda Sings. 

Before disclosing his true identity to the girl, Erickson pretended to be a younger adult at first, according to officials. According to investigators, Erickson made several attempts to meet the girl and even showed up at her home, but the youngster never came outside to see him. Authorities claimed that they were informed of the circumstance on Wednesday.

Two days later, Erickson allegedly consented to meet the student in a far-off place with the goal of having sex. According to authorities, Erickson brought a package of condoms, chicken nuggets, and a Grimace milkshake from McDonald's to what he believed to be a meet-up. Erickson, who is in charge of a middle school in upstate New York, was detained when he allegedly went to the isolated spot for sex. Erickson was apprehended by detectives who were there at the scene when he arrived. Erickson was kept in custody and taken to the Broome County Jail. He is detained without posting bail.

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