PM Narendra Modi Shares 'Bano Corona Warriors' Video Ads Targeting Youth & Telling Them to Keep an Eye on Their Parents Amid Coronavirus Lockdown in India
Coronavirus warrior ads (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Mumbai, March 27: The government of India is taking all the possible steps to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus. PM Narendra Modi has recently shared two video ads from his Twitter handle using the hashtag India Fights Corona. The ad shows how the youth are more responsible and focussed in their fight to drive away coronavirus. The objective of both the ads is to target the youth and highlight the message of lockdown.

In one of the ad, a young boy stops his mother from stepping out of home in the middle of the coronavirus lockdown in India. The mother tells her son that she is only going to her next-door neighbour's place, however, the boy tells him not to do that. In the next scene, he gives her mother the TV remote and tells her that for the next few days, it will be with her only. It ends with the boy urging other youngsters to be 'Corona Warriors' and stop their parents from stepping out of their homes. Amul Ad Urges People to Take Precautions Against Coronavirus, Ad Says 'Better Saaf Than Sorry!'

In the other ad, a young girl writes a letter to her father who stays far away from them in Mumbai. She tells him not to return home in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. The ad ends with the girl telling other kids to keep an eye on their parents.

Watch Ad Here:

Here's another video ad:

In view of the rising COVID-19 numbers, Narendra Modi called for a 21-days nationwide lockdown and has urged people to stay at home and be safe. Other than people belonging in the essential sector, everyone else has been asked to stay at home.