Cheesing Challenge Where Parents Throw Cheese Slices at Babies go Viral, But Twitter is Not Having It!
The cheesed challenge (Photo Credit: Twitter/shelbslord and iamvalexi)

Social media trends are evolving, however, one thing doesn't change and that is the urge of becoming popular. People to extreme ends to gain likes and shares and comments and challenges are just a part of it. However, the cheesiest of the challenges so far literally has been this latest viral challenge, called the Cheesed Challenge. Also known as the cheesing challenge, this challenge sees parents making videos of them hurling cheese at their baby's faces. While some of these videos may look cute some of them are raising questions. Many are also calling it child cruelty. These videos have divided the internet, and some of these videos are also being hidden on Twitter by being labelled as "sensitive content." Fake Plane Challenge’ Goes Viral on TikTok in China During Spring Festival (Watch Funny Videos.)

Most of the children seem to like the game or cheese as they can be seen laughing, giggling or smiling when a piece of cheese slice is thrown at their face. Some even end up eating the cheese. However some kids look shocked, sad in the videos, some even end up crying. Take a look at some of the popular videos uploaded online.

Here's another cheesing video


Some kids didn't seem very happy being cheesed

Here's another one

The challenge is all over Twitter and is garnering all sorts of criticism as some of the kids seem really uncomfortable with cheese being thrown over their faces. However, is it worth being called child cruelty? What say?