Tibet Has Clouds Sitting on Land And You Should See the Video to Believe It!
Clouds sitting on road (Photo credits: YouTube screenshot)

Known as the 'Roof of the World', Tibet has several towering peaks and snowy landscapes to its name. At an elevation of 16,000 feet (4,900 m) it has the highest region on the Earth. So at many times, the clouds cover the peaks and that is not a rare sight. But to see big clouds landing themselves on road like a well-kept object is definitely rare to see. A video has come up on the internet which is reportedly from Tibet, shows large clouds sitting on a road. It is quite rare to see and most definitely attractive to see. Clouds Kissing in the Sky Paint a Romantic Scene in China, See Beautiful Pics of Nature. 

It is not exactly clear what this phenomenon is called but in the video, one can see it is not just one cloud but a big chunk landing. There is no possibility of it being smoke or dust as it doesn't move but stays in the shape still. Man Walking Through The Clouds is God? Netizens Are Confused With This Video! 

Take a Look at the Video of Clouds Sitting on Land in Tibet

Tibet has a challenging landscape from snowy mountains to vast plains, twisting highways and high passes. It also has a lot of glaciers that date back to hundreds of years old. While cloud covering the peaks is understandable, it is unclear about what makes them sit still on land. It is not possible for someone to just cross them over, as seen in the video. The person too looks surprised with this huge chunk in front of him. What do you think this is? Do you think clouds landing still is possible?