Comedian Paula Skaggs mistakenly got invited to talk at a conference on dental and oral health in London. And her funny take on the incident has gone viral on social media.Check Out The Tweet Below:

Video of a dog running into a puddle and then going back to clean itself has gone viral on social media. As the clip went viral, people took to social media saying that the dog is the "cleanest dog you will ever see".Watch The Video Below:

A 28-year-old woman has been accused of animal cruelty for dying her dog's hair bright pink. While Lydia Geall tried to defend herself saying that she dyed her dog because it reflected her 'sassy' personality and 'looks adorable', social media users were in no mood to listen. She 

A gay penguin couple at Berlin zoo has adopted an egg for which they have been caring for, since July. The birds decided to adopt the egg after it was abandoned by the only female penguin bird at the zoo.

August 13 is celebrated as Left-Handers Day, a day that celebrates lefties. Only 10 percent of people in the world are left-handed and they are unique in themselves. On Left Handers Day 2019, Twitter is exchanging wishes with some relatable memes and jokes for the lefties.Check #LeftHandersDay Wishes:

Elevators can scare people off sometimes, but a young man decided to have a little fun in an elevator heading upwards. A video has been shared online, which shows the lad attempting to do a back-flip in an elevator, but miserably fails. The guy jumps well but just when he's about to land, he crashes.Watch the video here:

A mother can be seen leaping into the arms of her husband, while shooting slow-motion TikTok video. Their three-year-old toddler decides to imitate. This is the heart-stopping moment to see the kid jumping off from a top bunk bed and lands on his head. The child was not hurt as he landed safely on the mattress.But it invited a lot of criticisms online. Read the full story here.Watch Viral Video:

Taylor Swift was captured lip-syncing her newly released, You Need to Calm Down at her New York's party.  It doesn't matter whether she was drinking or not, but people loved her tipsy appearance. Soon Drunk Taylor funny memes surfaced online, and Taylor seems Ok with it. As the memes went viral, the singer accepted in a recent Instagram post that she loves them too. Read the story here.Check Viral Memes:

The internet was seen losing its mind over a video of Whooshh Innovations’ salmon cannon. It is built to transport the live salmon over the dams to the river bed. And the video showing the shooting process quickly went viral. It is making people crazy as they create hilarious memes thinking it to be a summer joy ride. But on a serious note, it is more than a meme. Read the story here.Watch the Viral Video:

Netizens have just been showered with impressive friendship goals via a video going viral online. Take a lesson from this flight passenger in New Jersey who made his new friend through the window. The clip showing the passenger playing rock paper scissors with a Tarmac worker is getting all the thumbs up needed and we do agree with Twitterati. Read the full story here.Watch the Viral Video:

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Another day and many more viral moments are expected to come. Don’t know about you, but Twitterati has already started their Tuesday with thoughtful quotes and messages. If you still lack the spirit to leave your bed, #TuesdayThoughts and #TuesdayMotivation are here to the rescue. The social media site is filled with beautiful thoughts that you might need on an early morning. The day has only begun and we expect many more viral moments to come. With this blog, we keep you updated with the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes that netizens are sharing today, August 13, 2019.

India is in its celebratory mood at the moment. Major festivals Eid al-Adha, Raksha Bandhan and Independence Day, is in line slated to take over the internet. While the celebration of Bakrid has already surfaced online, Rakhi and 15th August giving much more viral moments will not surprise us. Meanwhile, Indian’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi appeared in the epic Man vs Wild show with Bear Grylls and naturally floored viral moments on social media sites. And it was not only restricted to funny memes.

Another day has only begun, and we will indeed have many funny moments to keep ourselves activated throughout. Stay tuned with this blog and know what more crazy viral videos and memes are cracking up the social media users.