Apple has started assembling the iPhone XR at a Foxconn facility near Chennai. Twitter flooded with images and videos:

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Manhattan had their Annual Tompkins Square Dog Parade for Halloween on Sunday. With over a hundred participants, the pooches looked lovely in creative costumes. Adorable pictures of the dogs have been shared on social media. Check pictures:

In a nine-second video that is going viral, a leopard can be seen escaping a hyena's attack in the most dramatic way.Watch Video:

Funny footage of a dog extending his paws to a shoe polisher has come up online. The incident took place near a street shoe shiner in Chile where a dog came up and put his foot forward so the man could shine them for him.Watch the video here:

A Florida woman has made an incredible observation where she captured a snake being stung by a wasp. But what's even more shocking is the snake was feeding on another snake hanging alongside a branch. The video is going viral.Watch the video here:

Maharashtra Assembly Polls 2019 is taking place today and it is the duty of every citizen to go out and vote. Mumbai Police are proactive and are helping around people especially the elderly and handicapped to come out and vote. They put up a picture and netizens are impressed.Check the tweet here:


A 69-year-old Veteran named John Vincent had the internet in tears when he reunited with his beloved dog, Patch. The lengthy Facebook caption is worth reading and the pictures on the post are too cute! John Vincent and Patch Reunited

Mumbai Police has paid homage to the brave who sacrificed their lives in the firing by Chinese troops in 1959. October 21 is observed as Police Commemoration Day to remember the ones we lost.Tweet by Mumbai Police for Police Commemoration Day

Mondays are back with the frowns and yawns. Make your Mondays better with Twitter as users share inspiring tweets that will not only help you get out of beds, but will also help you start the day on a positive note!#MondayMotivation

Monday is here. The weekend flew away in a matter of seconds and another week has started. Twitter is back with their positivity with #MondayMotivation and #MondayMood. People are sharing things that help them get through a Monday morning in the hopes of helping fellow internet users. With the new day and week coming up, we plan on keeping you up and energised with the funniest memes, viral videos and trendiest topics of the October 21. There are a lot of celebrations on this day. But there will also be lots of trends, memes and viral things going around.

October 21 marks a lot of important occasions such as World Iodine Deficiency Day. The deficiency of iodine can lead to a lot of health problems and issues known as iodine deficiency disorders (IDDs). The day tries to make people realise the criticality of iodine. And to help with that, International Day of Nacho falls on the same day! Coincidence? We think not! Go grab a bowl of nachos today!

With the help of the internet and social media, everything can reach the other corner of the world. A tiny clip of a baby or a pet can be enjoyed by a person at the other end of the globe in a matter of minutes or even seconds. And this is exactly what we try to do with our viral live blog; bring you the freshest thing that’s going viral. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for the memes to come!