Twitterati Amused by Indians Celebrating Halloween, Mocks Them for Blindly Aping the West
Halloween (Photo Credits: Pixabay, @Mashahoor_witty Twitter)

Halloween, a US observance has spread across the globe in recent years. The festival which is celebrated on October 31 in the United States has its roots in pagan history and European culture. But with westernisation, it has spread across countries and Indians in recent years have started celebrating the day with much enthusiasm. Meanwhile, Twitterati can't stop wondering why Indians celebrate Halloween and the social networking site is filled with puns and jokes on it.

The B-town known for being fashion pioneers in the country, makes it a point to dress in their scariest costumes. Some even said that people looked more enthusiastic about Halloween than Diwali. Twitter just couldn't wrap head around the fact that Indians are actually celebrating a day that has no religious or traditional significance. Halloween 2018 Decorations! United States Prefer Dead Bats to Make the Festival More Spooky.

Here are the some of the tweets:

Nobody knows why

As clueless as that?

Lol! Who even invited you?

Let's leave cultural appropriation for them

According to Pagan traditions, it is believed that on the night of Halloween, the door between this world and the other is opened and spirits could pass through. Also, that the border between the living and the dead would become blurred. The beliefs reached America only in the second half of the nineteenth century and Irish popularised it there. Today it is the second largest commercial celebration in the country.