UP Police Takes the FaceApp Challenge With an Important Road Safety Message (Check Tweet)
UP Police takes the FaceApp Challenge (Photo Credits: Twitter)

FaceApp challenge is taking social media by storm. Right from the celeb fraternity to brands like Durex, almost everyone is going gaga over the app. For the people who are living under the rock and don't know about the FaceApp challenge, it is well, not so much of a challenge but it includes people using the Russian ageing app called FaceApp to check how they would look decades from now. Social media is baffled with the results and for all the right reasons. UP Police's Twitter handle that goes by the name @up100 on Twitter has taken the FaceApp challenge as well and it is all about sending across a vital message. Durex Takes the Viral FaceApp Challenge Showing How Condoms Would Look in 2069 and the Result Is Hilarious! (View Pic.)

The Twitter handle deals with "prompt integrated emergency services for public safety to all persons, including those with special needs, anytime anywhere in UP," and therefore their FaceApp challenge included reminding you how your face would look after you meet with an accident if you don't wear a helmet. They put forth the message using emojis and it is something everyone should check out. Their caption read: "पहले और बाद के चेहरे में फर्क देखना है? #FaceहैAppका #RoadSafety @Uppolice @uptrafficpolice" FaceApp Challenge Memes Have Taken Over Social Media and TBH We Aren’t Complaining!

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They gave the challenge their own twist to make us confront the grim reality. Most people get away without wearing helmets on roads even though three-quarters of fatal crashes (74%) involved a head injury. This is exactly the kind of FaceApp challenge we want to see online.