The internet is a truly fascinating place to come across things that you have never seen, or probably just imagined, come to life. Like a chicken coop in shape of an UFO! Yes, someone designed a coop exactly like a big flying saucer and the video of the same has resurfaced on Reddit. Not to miss, the excellent or rather 'egg'cellent puns as reactions to it. A couple in Idaho built this uniquely shaped coop for their chicks and it attracted all eyes a couple of years ago. It has reemerged on the internet and people are loving it just the same. UFO in New Jersey? Viral Videos of 'Flying Saucer' Turn Out to be a Goodyear Blimp!

An artistic couple who also call themselves the UFO nerds decided to take two satellite dishes and place them above one another as a house for their chicken flock. A coop that was strong and perfect to house their chickens in the harsh winter weather here. This creation was made in 2017 and three years later, it has become a source of some amazing puns on Reddit, for sure. It lays like one's own UFO landing in the backyard.

Check The Video of The UFO Chicken Coop Here:

The same post was made on Reddit where it is going viral again and the comments section is precious if you love some really good chicken jokes and puns.

Check The Reddit Post Here:

This dude built a UFO chicken coop from r/nextfuckinglevel

A user called it "Unidentified flying omelette." So another one corrected it to "Unidentified Frying Object." Someone else one wrote, "Eggsraterestials." It gets better as another comment reads, "Close Hencounters". For some it reminded them of the weird Courage, the Cowardly Dog cartoon. Well, it sure is an brilliant creation. We can only imagine the reaction of people in the neighbourhood when they must have seen this UFO landing!

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