Watch Viral Video of This Brave Mother Bird Stopping Moving Tractor to Protect Her Eggs
Viral video of bird (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Mothers are incomparable and even a whole dictionary will fall short to describe their love. However, this isn't just the case in humans but in animals too. There is a lot of evidence that has shown that animal mothers have gone above and beyond to protect their kids. A recent video that proves once again that mothers will rather put their lives at risk than have their kids harmed is of bird momma who didn't fear a tractor when it came to protecting their babies. This video of a mother bird protecting her eggs by forcing a tractor to stop is making social media emotional. The video is said to have been shot in North China where a bird can be seen spreading its wings to stop the tractor that seems to get closer to her eggs. Her rigorous wing flattering to stop the tractor is going viral and for all the right reason. In the video, one can see the bird spreading its wing as the tractor gets closer to her eggs.

Check the video for yourself:

Twitter is totally loving the video and cannot stop talking about the mother bird. Check out some reactions:





These are the kind of viral videos that we want to see on the internet. People all around the world are falling in love with this video.