Renowned author Neil Gaiman, known for his works Sandman, Stardust, Coraline and more, is currently facing allegations of sexual assault. He is under investigation by New Zealand police for the allegations made by two women he claims he had consensual relationships with. According to reports, the women claim that Neil Gaiman involved them in sadomasochistic activities, including instructing them to call him master. The first woman, Scarlett, has alleged that she was hired by Neil Gaiman’s then-wife, musician Amanda Palmer, in 2022 to take care of their son. The second woman, K, a fan of Neil, claims that she met him at a book signing. Neil Gaiman Engaged in ‘Rough and Painful’ Sex With Fan, Sexually Assaulted Nanny, Author Denies Allegations.

Who Is Neil Gaiman?

Neil Richard MacKinnon Gaiman, popularly known as Neil Gaiman, is a renowned English author celebrated for his novels, Good Omens, Stardust, American Gods, Anansi Boys, Coraline, The Graveyard Book and more; short stories, graphic novels, screenplays, children's books, audio theatre and his comic book series The Sandman among others. Some of his stories have been turned into movies and TV shows.

What Is Neil Gaiman Accused Of?

Neil Gaiman is accused of sexual allegations by two women. The first woman, Scarlett, said that she was hired by Neil Gaiman’s then-wife, Amanda Palmer, in 2022 to take care of their son. Scarlett alleged that she was sexually assaulted by Neil just hours after they first met. She said that he stripped naked and joined her in the bath. At the time, she was 22 years old, while Neil was 61. Scarlett also alleged that another time, when he had sex with her, it was so painful and violent that she lost consciousness.

The second woman, known as K, was an 18-year-old fan. She met Neil Gaiman at a book signing in Florida in 2003. They stayed in touch and had a sexual relationship. K alleged that during a trip to Cornwall in 2007, she told him she didn't want to have penetrative sex because she had a urinary tract infection. But he did it anyway and caused her a lot of pain. Neil Gaiman has denied all allegations and accusations of non-consensual sex. He said that he was upset by the claims and denied doing anything illegal or non-consensual. The Sandman Season 2: Tom Sturridge's Upcoming Series to Have Two Volumes, Six Episodes Each.

Neil said that in 2022, he offered to help New Zealand police with the woman's complaint, but he was ignored. According to him, the investigation has not been conducted properly and is not solid. The New Zealand police responded by saying that they tried talking to key people on multiple occasions as part of the investigation.

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