Woman's Viral Tweet on Being Happily Married to a Short Man Sparks Discussion on Whether Guy's Height Matters in Relationship
Viral tweet on dating short men (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Have you ever rejected someone because they were shorter than you? Girls especially, many times do have criteria of height in their partner. A woman named Lizz Adams recently tweeted about how happy she is with her partner who is quiet shorter than her and in a way took a dig at others who reject guys for their height. The tweet has gone viral and now people are commenting whether a man's height does matter in a relationship? Some women have joined along to share their pictures with their partners who are shorter than them. Grandpa Spends Final Moments Drinking Beer With Family, Viral Tweet Prompts Netizens to Share Similar Emotional Time Spent With Their Loved Ones.

Lizz Adams posted a beautiful picture of her with her shorter husband, kissing him and celebrating 8 years of togetherness. She took a dig at other women who go on about "dating tall men." Her picture has got over 1.5 lakh likes and 24,000 plus retweets in just two days. In the many comments that followed, men took offence about how women really prefer a taller than the guy. But some of them happily shared pictures of their shorter partners too. Girl's Viral Post to Find a Husband For Her Mother Inspires Another Daughter Go Groom Hunting For 56-Year-Old Mom on Twitter.

Check the Viral Tweet Here:

Like everything, this picture also saw some trolls but Lizz was sure to give them all back. Check how some of the people reacted.

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Do Guys Make a Huge Deal?

In the thread, a lot of other couples, where the men are shorter have shared their photos of being in happy relationships. The tweet has managed to put a light on how a man's height has been a preference for many girls for the longest time. Girls, what do you think about this? Do you think having a dating or marrying a shorter guy makes a huge difference at all?