PAK beat SA by 5 wickets | South Africa vs Pakistan Live Cricket Score 1st ODI Match

Pakistan in South Africa, 5 ODI Series, 2019

Date: Jan 19, 2019 Start Time: 16:30 IST | 11:00 GMT | 13:00 Local
Venue: St George's Park, Port Elizabeth
266/2 Overs: 50.0
267/5 Overs: 49.1
Pakistan beat South Africa by 5 wickets

South Africa vs Pakistan Live Cricket Score - 1st ODI Match - Summary

End of Over : 49.1 PAK: 267/5

This was the perfect start Pakistan could have asked for after their defeat in the Test series. It was a clinical performance from them and they will be pleased with it. South Africa may have lost, but there certainly are positives to take for them from this game, along with the lessons. The next game takes place on Tuesday, in Durban, at 1300 local (1100 GMT). Do join in for that. Cheers!

49.1 1

And there's the game! PAKISTAN WIN BY 5 WICKETS! Comfortably done too in the end. Shadab Khan digs this yorker out towards mid on and sets off. Takes the fielder on and wins that contest. Smiles and handshakes all around in the Pakistan camp, deservedly so too.

End of Over : 49 13 Runs PAK: 266/5
48.6 4

FOUR! The scores are level now. Hafeez makes Olivier pay for bowling short so consistently. Just stands tall and pulls this aerially through mid-wicket for a boundary.

48.5 0

Pounds it in short again, the batsman looks to pull but misses and is hit around the shoulder. It lobs behind to the keeper who dives to his right and stops it.

48.4 2

Another short ball from Olivier, Hafeez pulls it through mid-wicket for two more.

48.3 2

In the air and safe! Seems to going Pakistan's way. Back of a length and Hafeez pulls. Gets a big fat top edge which lobs over the keeper's head towards fine leg. The batsmen take two.

48.2 1

Outside the line of off stump, on a good length, dabbed wide of point for one.

48.1 4

FOUR! Looks like Pakistan are winning this. This is a super hit. Length ball on middle and leg, Shadab makes room and bangs this over the bowler's head. Hits it too straight and finds the fence.

End of Over : 48 4 Runs PAK: 253/5
47.6 1

Shortish delivery, pulled away behind square leg. Fine leg moves across to his left and keeps the batsmen to just the one.

47.5 0

Yorker fired in on middle and leg, Shadab does well to bring his bat down in time.

47.4 2

The batsman plays this very late. Runs it down to third man and takes a couple of runs.

47.3 0

Another bumper, ducked and evaded by the batsman. The umpire signals one for the over.

47.2 0

Bangs in the short one, Shadab arches back to play the ramp shot but fails to make connection.

47.1 1

Behind a good length in the off stump corridor, it's worked to third man. Single to the total.