SL beat SA by 3 wickets | South Africa vs Sri Lanka Live Cricket Score One-off I T20 Match

South Africa in Sri Lanka, Only T20 International, 2018

Date: Aug 14, 2018 Start Time: 19:00 IST | 13:30 GMT | 19:00 Local
Venue: R.Premadasa Stadium, Colombo
98/10 Overs: 16.4
99/7 Overs: 16.0
Sri Lanka beat South Africa by 3 wickets

South Africa vs Sri Lanka Live Cricket Score - One-off I T20 Match - Summary

End of Over : 16.0 SL: 99/7

After a long month, filled with upsets, dominance and feisty battles throughout, we have come to an end of this fun-filled tour. Sri Lanka blew the Proteas away in the Test series, which was followed by the tourists exacting revenge in the ODI series. They won the first three games, but Sri Lanka didn't lose heart and clawed their way in the remaining two, garnering momentum and taking this one-off T20I, even if it was by the skin of their teeth. Lots of lessons for the young blood and the newcomers in the South African side, plenty of experience to gain. They'll use all of it well for the future. Anyway, for now, our fellow peeps, it's goodbye from us. Hope to see you on the next one. Cheers!

15.6 4

FOUR! The double bluff doesn't work as Udana picks it up. Expects the full ball to come in and drives it straight back past the bowler to send it away to the boundary line. He celebrates with Chandimal and the crowd goes wild. SRI LANKA WIN BY 3 WICKETS!

15.5 1

A push-punch through the gap in the covers for a single. One ball for Udana to survive.

15.4 2

Two more. Ngidi dishes out a low full toss on the stumps, it's flicked through mid-wicket for a double.

15.3 2

Excellent effort from Klaasen. Not many runs left to play with, every save is vital. Chandimal does well here to cut this past the diving point fielder. Seems the ball will race away but Heinrich from sweeper cover moves a long way to his left and dives to keep it in. Two runs taken by the batsmen.

15.2 0

Angling back in from wider of the crease, Dinesh blocks it back to the right of the bowler.

15.1 0

Back of a length quite close to off, not much room on offer as Chandimal can only punch it square to point.

End of Over : 15 2 Runs SL: 90/7
14.6 0

Straighter one outside off, beats the outside edge and thuds into the keeper's gloves.

14.5 0

Some extra bounce as it's landed around off, spins in and Udana defends from the higher part of the blade.

14.4 0

Goes with the spin and works it away on the leg side.

14.3 1

Knocks it down to long on and takes one more.

14.2 1

Over the wicket now, low dipping full toss on the pads, Udana pushes it to long on and gets Chandimal on strike.

14.1 W

OUT! He's started well for sure. Wicket off the very first ball of his spell. Bowls this a bit slower through the air in line of the stumps, Dananjaya expects this to turn and plays away from his body, leaving a big gap between bat and pad. The ball doesn't spin at all, keeps on going straight and crashes into the furniture behind. 11 needed in 35 balls. 3 wickets left for Sri Lanka.