As Manchester City and Chelsea are all set to take on each other in Istanbul in Turkey, UEFA has considering switching venue to Wembley owing to the COVID-19 crisis in Turkey. As per UK Government, Turkey is touted to be on the 'red list'- which means the players will have to undergo a quarantine of about 10 days of hotel quarantine at their own expense upon their return. Needless to say that the Manchester City supporters will not be able to travel to Istanbul and therefore, they are seriously considering shifting venues from Istanbul to Wembley. Riyad Mahrez, Kevin de Bruyne, Ruben Dias & Others React After Manchester City Qualifies for UCL Finals for the First Time!

The report further says that the European governing body has been left ‘between a rock and a hard place’ following the UK government’s recent travel announcement, and it would be futile if the followers of Manchester City cant visit the stadium.  It would also be a logistical difficulty for the clubs as Turkey has been in lockdown owing to the increasing number of cases in the country. This easily means that the players are at a higher risk of getting in contact with the disease. With this, there is also a doubt about England's involvement in warm-up games.

The decision will be taken in the next 72 hours."Uefa is seriously considering Boris Johnson's offer to bring the Champions League final to Wembley with insiders now giving London a "50/50 chance" of hosting the game. A choice between Wembley and Istanbul, where a £20million stadium refurbishment has been completed, is expected within 72 hours," read the reports So according to UEFA, it is ideal to shift the venue from Istanbul to Wembley.

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