Mumbai, February 9: A few days back, Apple announced it would be working on artificial intelligence and shared its plan to introduce its innovation in 2024. The tech giant did not confirm the date but hinted that the team has been working on something unique for its upcoming products. Some reports said that Apple has been running behind the AI race and will take longer to introduce its own technology later. However, according to a new report, the company bought over 30 AI startups in 2023. 

The information comes from the Hindustan Times report, which mentioned that Apple acquired these startups last year, indicating its total focus on getting power over artificial intelligence technology. Recently, the company was reported to be working on a foldable smartphone like Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Also, the company is set to introduce its new iPhone 16 this year with some new designs and features. Apple Rolls Out Redesigned iCloud App for Windows 10 and 11, Offer New Features and Improvements To Enhance User Experience.

The Hindustan Times report said that the company has been quiet about its plans and upcoming innovations; however, buying these many startups may hint that Apple will not catch up with companies like Meta, Microsoft, Meta and OpenAI but overtake "everyone else". The report highlighted that Apple has been on a "warpath" due to its acquisition spree in 2023. The acquisition of 30 AI startups is reportedly higher than "any other tech giant's investments". Google To Release ‘Gemini App’ on Smartphones To Make It Easier for People To Connect to Digital Brain, Will First Introduce in US Before Asia-Pacific Region. 

The report said that Apple's start was slow despite building a base with AI technology—the rumours about the company developing its own Apple GPT or a conversational AI for its upcoming devices. The company is expected to pick up pace in bringing its new AI technology to the world soon. The report said the Statistica study revealed more details about Apple's AI plans. It further mentioned that according to Statistica, Apple bought over 32 AI startups in 2023 and highlighted that Google has 21, Meta has 18, and Microsoft has 17. 

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