New Delhi, February 2: Google has finally introduced its latest innovation, a text-to-image generator named Imagen 2, which is now integrated into Google Bard. This development also comes as part of the Gemini Pro expansion in Bard, which is expected to be a major step forward in the field of artificial intelligence and creative technology.

As per a report of Hindustan Times, Google is rolling out several updates to its suite of applications with the incorporation of the text-to-image generator, Imagen 2 into Bard, powered by the ImageFX feature. X New Feature Update: Elon Musk’s Platform To Let Users Sort Replies in Post By Trending, Recent and Liked.

The integration of Imagen 2 into Bard, Google's conversational AI platform, allows users to create images from detailed text prompts. This means that by simply describing a scene or object, users might generate corresponding visual content. The process is powered by ImageFX, an experimental platform by Google, designed to enhance the user experience by offering a quick and innovative interface for exploring alternative prompts and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Imagen 2 capabilities are not just limited to creating new images. This feature might also include a technique called inpainting, which is expected to enable the generation of new content directly into an existing image. This feature is likely to open vast possibilities for users to modify and expand their visual creations seamlessly.

Google has taken measures to ensure that the images generated by Imagen 2 are appropriate and free from "violent", "offensive" or "sexually explicit" content. The company is expected to apply safety checks at multiple stages, including the training data, input prompts, and the outputs produced during generation.

To address concerns about the authenticity of AI-generated content, Google has introduced SynthID. This feature provides a watermark to the generated images, acting as a digital signature to identify content created by AI. Nothing Phone 2(a) Likely To Launch in India Soon, Company Teases Its Upcoming Device on Social Media and Website; Check Expected Specifications, Features and Price Ahead of Launch.

The reach of Gemini Pro is also expanding. Initially anticipated to be paired with Bard's Gemini Ultra, Gemini Pro will now be available in more than 230 countries and support over 40 languages. This global rollout includes the extension of the double-check feature to languages other than English.

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