Google to Introduce New Social Networking App Named 'Shoelace'
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Search giant Google is reportedly working on launching its own social networking app. Google had recently shut down one of its previous projects called Google+. The new social networking app by Google will be known as Shoelace, said reports. Google Announces New Privacy Controls Across Products at I/O 2019.

A report carried by The Verge said that Google’s attempt through the “Shoelace” app will be to organise events and activities which will be local in nature. Google Confirms Over 2.5 Billion Devices Now Running on Android OS Globally: Report.

The users will require to name or list their respective interests in the app. The app will then seek permission to suggest “hand-picked” activities accessible to the user.

The customised local events suggested to the user will be called "Loops". There will also be a map interface added with RSVP- "Please Respond" message.

Though Shoelace features match those of Facebook's "Event", the other features does not hint that Google attempts to take on the likes of Facebook or Twitter.

Shoelace as of now is "on invitation only" phase. The testing is on operating systems iOS and Android currently. However, users who wish to know more about the app can fill a form to know more. A Google account is necessary for accessing the form, in case you don't have one. However the facility is exclusively available in New York City only at the moment.