Humanoid Robot Atlas Can Run and Jump by Itself, See Video
Atlas running though a yard (Photo credits: YouTube screenshot)

American robotics company Boston Dynamics is known for developing advanced humanoid robots Atlas. Atlas is a bipedal robot which was designed for a variety of search and rescue tasks in the year 2013. More and more technological advancements are made to these creations. Now the humanoid Atlas has been developed to run and jump through the obstacles all by itself. It has been given a host of new learning skills which include autonomous navigation.

Boston Dynamics released a new video of Atlas which shows the humanoid jogging in a yard and one can see how it speeds up a bit and even avoids obstacles. These developments can definitely lead to a progress in chasing down the criminals on the streets. The battery-powered robot is 1.5 meters tall and weighs 75kg. It uses LiDAR and stereo vision to assess its surroundings. It can run unaided and picks up speed and start sprinting.

Check out the new video of the Atlas humanoid running: 

The humanoid was designed for chases and well when one is competing with a robot, it is difficult to ace. This robot has some advanced sensors which will make it difficult for a human to even hide from them. Atlas can definitely run after you now. While Atlas can jump it takes a few seconds as it stoops down and rises again to jump over the log. The robot can do it on their own and it just goes to show how the robots have been developed in a short period of time. In the past videos that had been released, Atlas was seen tumbling over and once it even tripped over some obstacle. Well, just as humans this robot has overcome his shortcomings. It is impressive how even technology is beating itself to grow better.