Japanese Engineer Builds Giant Robot Inspired By Science Fiction
Japanese Engineer Builds Giant Robot (Photo Credits: YouTube screengrab)

We are not sure how much you enjoy superhero anime movies. Have you ever heard of Mobile Suit Gundam? It was a Japanese series which was famous for revolutionizing the giant robot genre as they battle with the enemies. Being a fan of such shows, everyone at least during childhood have desired to have one such gigantic mechanical robot! It is fun to imagine, wearing a pilot gear, getting inside your own massive robot and operate it.  A Japanese engineer strived to make that dream come too. Masaaki Nagumo have grown up seeing Mobile Suit Gundam and he always wanted to have a real one, so he created a giant humanoid inspired by the science fiction.

It is a pretty exciting bit of technology. Yes, its fingers can be moved, it can turn its upper body, walk forward and backward and it even has a big gun on one arm which shoots foam balls.

Watch the video of the giant robot created by Japanese Engineer Masaaki Nagumo!

The 44-year-old engineering working for a Japanese agricultural machinery maker named Sakakibara Kikai. He applied the tools which were available at the industry he works for into the making of his grey and yellow robot vehicle. It is 8.5 metres (28 feet) tall and weighing 7.3 tons. And Nagumo says his creations are solely meant for enjoyment. One can rent his robot that will cost around 100,00 yen (approximately Rs. 60K). Reportedly, the company have made giant machineries in the past but this one is the latest and largest. We, must say it is one of the coolest creation we have come across!