The digital age has been a welcome shift to many, but some still struggle to accept the obvious benefits of this massive evolution. The change of pace in the world has also been tough to catch up with for some people. However, Jesse McInnes is championing the age of digitalization and letting people know of the limitless possibilities in this new era.

Jesse McInnes is an entrepreneur and investor who runs a 7-figure digital marketing agency. He also has an active cryptocurrency portfolio and mentors people in the crypto space. According to McInnes, starting from the ground up was not easy, but together with his business partner, he has been able to build a booming digital business. Jesse credits his ability to recognize and leverage the shifts in the digital space for his continued growth and success.

The beauty of digitalization, as McInnes details, is that you can succeed in any field through it. When cryptocurrency first came around, it seemed like a very far-fetched idea, but he jumped on it and began investing in 2013. Today, the cryptocurrency industry is thriving and gearing up for massive growth. Having been in the digital space for a while, McInnes recommends being innovative and adaptive to thrive. It is imperative that you keep an open mind when launching yourself into the digital world.

Thanks to his knack for effectively leveraging the tools of digitalization, Jesse made his first million dollars at only 21; by 22, he had moved into his dream home and bought his first supercar. Jesse has made millions in the crypto space, his most successful month in crypto having earned him $450k. As he lists these achievements and successes, McInnes hopes to help people understand the world of possibilities in digitalization. As long as you are dedicated and ready to learn the ropes, you can become a success in anything you set your mind to.

Jesse is an inspiration to many young people; his cryptocurrency mentorship program is helping people understand how to invest and trade. As he continues to scale his business, he hopes to grow to a point where he can give back to communities worldwide in a significant way.

The digital space is filled with untapped opportunities. You are one tap away from launching your dream!