OnePlus Labs officially launched its Clipt app. The app allows users to transfer text, photos and files wirelessly between tablets, PCs and smartphones. The Chinese smartphone maker released a poster and video of the app on its official OnePlus Community to share the announcement. The Clipt app is available on Android and can be downloaded via Google Play Store for smartphones and tablets. The app is also available for Windows and Mac users as a Chrome extension. The company has revealed that it will launch the app for iOS users soon. OnePlus 9 Pro Overheating Issue Fixed With OTA System Update.

The app features a clipboard feature that helps to copy the text from one device and paste it on the other. The app uses the user's Google account to transfer text, files and images across devices. To do this, the user must be logged in to the same Google account on all the devices. The Clipt app and the Chrome extension acts as a link between the devices to seamlessly connect the clipboard. Once Clipt is installed, you can copy from one device and paste it on another or use it to send files across devices.

With this app, OnePlus aims to eliminate the need to email yourself an image or message yourself on a chat app just to receive something from one device to another. The app will also allow sending large files across devices so that users don't have to work around to the 25MB limit on other email platforms. The company assures that the data shared with Clipt is secured as it uses the user's Google Drive to transfer it.

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