Gurgaon: January 2023: Amid the global uncertainty regarding jobs and with massive layoffs becoming a prime concern for everyone, there is a need to shift focus on acquiring skill sets that guarantee job security and growth. While these uncertain times may look gloomy, in the same scenario, we have a surging demand for Data Scientists. With the pace at which Data Science is growing today, job opportunities are also multiplying.

Data Science is an evolving field and has forayed into different business segments. It is expected that there will be around 11.5 million new job opportunities for Data Science experts by 2026. This will be a lucrative opportunity to harp upon. And so, pursuing the Data Science certification course will open new avenues for job opportunities.

The Job Guarantee Program by Pickl.AI prepares you for the future and helps you rise through the ranks. It focuses on creating a pool of skilled and qualified Data Science professionals. The Data Science curriculum of this program is industry-relevant and job oriented. Thus, equipping the students with the necessary Data Science skills while ensuring a job guarantee.

“Job security is a prime concern today. Hence there is a dire need to develop skill sets that will assure strong professional growth in the present and the future. And so, pursuing a career as a Data Scientist is the need of the hour. After completing the Job Guarantee Data Science Course, the team of Pickl.AI ensures student’s placement within 180 days,” claims Mr Naveen Jain, CEO of Pickl.AI.

The prime focus of this program:

1. Work on real-world applications of the conceptual knowledge of Data Science.

2. Gain expertise in the latest Data Science tools and technologies.

3. Provide mentorship and networking opportunities to the students.

4. Focus on industry-relevant curriculum and projects, along with live online classes.

5. Provide a One-month internship with TransOrg Analytics to kick start a professional journey

Success in the Data Science domain is not just about technical expertise but mastering non-technical skills like communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. And so, the team of instructors at Pickl.AI focus on the holistic development of the students. They ensure that the students' learning experience is enriched with knowledge and expertise in Data Science.

Investing in the right career opportunity is paramount. And the Job Guarantee Data Science Course gives students peace of mind about their job security.