Samsung Lands in Trouble For Using Fake Photos Shot by DSLR to Promote Galaxy A8 Star's Portrait Mode Feature
Dunja Djudjic image (Photo Credits: Photography, from Dunja Djudjic's post)

Samsung has landed in trouble for faking photos, shot in DSLR, being used to advertise Galaxy A8 Star portrait mode feature. In a blog post, the photographer, Dunja Djudjic, who shot the photo of herself, writes that she came to know of it, when she was notified that her photo was sold on Getty via EyeEm. She immediately did a reverse photo search, which showed her picture was being used as a camera sample for Samsung. Samsung Galaxy A8 Star Launched in India at Rs 34,990; To Rival OnePlus 6 and Poco F1.

The photographer contacted EyeEm to confirm whether Samsung purchased the image, but the company was unable to confirm the buyer. The photo was posted on Samsung’s landing page in Hong Kong where the company shared camera samples of its Galaxy A8 Star smartphone. Djudjic further revealed that the background used in the Samsung page is different from the one on the original shot and there have been several other features that have been added and omitted from the original photo.

In August, Samsung was busted for tweeting stock photos from Getty to promote the high features of Galaxy A8 camera.