Tigress 'Collarwali' in Madhya Pradesh's Pench Reserve Sets Record by Giving Birth to 30 Cubs Over 10 Years!
Tigress Collarwali (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

A tigress in Madhya Pradesh has set a record by delivering 30 cubs. 'Collarwali' Baghin of Pench Tiger Reserve recently gave birth to four more cubs mothering 30 children in over 10 years. In 2017, Collarwali made headlines for giving birth to 26 cubs since 2008. And recently the tiger reserve confirmed that she was spotted with her four new cubs, which is her eighth litter.

The tigress was named Collarwali by visitors for her radio collar. She is also referred to as 'Queen of Pench' and 'Pench princess'. There is even a famous BBC documentary titled 'Spy in the Jungle' about her. She littered her first cubs in May 2008, however, they couldn't survive harsh climate and died of pneumonia within 24 days, according to a report in The Times of IndiaSikkim: Royal Bengal Tiger Caught on Camera for the First Time at Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary.

Thereafter she gave birth to three male cubs in October 2008 and this time the mother brought them up in caves located in 13 different sites. She gave birth to 18 cubs between 2008 and 2013 of which 14 survived. In her sixth litter, she gave birth to four more cubs in 2015.

The Pench Tiger Reserve spreads over 1,179 sq km, of which 411 sq km is the core area where animals live. Collarwali with her family resides close to Pench river near Sita Ghaati area of the park. The park currently has more than 60 adult tigers. Madhya Pradesh is known for having the most number of Royal Bengal tigers. While it lost to Karnataka in the 2010 census, the population is increasing now from 257 in 2010 to 308 in 2015. However, since 2016, 34 tigers have died. Pench now has more than 60 adult tigers.