San Francisco, September 15: Elon Musk-run X (formerly Twitter) has introduced a new feature that will allow Premium subscribers to hide their 'likes' tab from public view. On enabling the "Hide likes tab", the tab will disappear completely from an X Premium user’s profile.

"Keep spicy likes private by hiding your likes tab. Available to Premium subscribers," X said on Thursday. Musk also shared about the new update on X, but he recommended users to keep the likes tab open and advised to use 'bookmarks' for interesting posts. "You can now hide your likes, but I recommend keeping them open and just using bookmarks for interesting posts," he said. Moreover, a number of users shared their thoughts on this development. "Thanks, Elon! Now i can like whatever and not worry about everyone checking," a user wrote. WhatsApp To Display Ads? Meta Denies Exploring Advertisements in Messaging App to 'Boost Revenue'.

"What were people even doing at the company before you arrived? X has launched more features in a few months than Twitter did for years," another user said. One more user mentioned: "I'd recommend the opposite. Perhaps people will start liking posts more often when they know their likes, and in a way their interests, can't be used against them." India Likely To See Rs 90,000 Crore Worth Online Sales in E-Commerce Sector During Festive Month in 2023.

Meanwhile, X has formerly renamed tweets as “post” and retweets as “reposts” in its new term of service that will go into effect on September 29. Among other notable changes is the complete removal of the word “Twitter” and replaced by X. Also, the new term of service says that by using X, "to the extent permitted by law, you also waive the right to participate as a plaintiff or class member in any purported class action, collective action or representative action proceeding".

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