Defence ministry will stop the import of 101 items "beyond given timeline" to boost indigenous production according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's mission of Atmanirbhar Bharat (Self-Reliant India), Union minister Rajnath Singh said on August 9. This would mean that the domestic industry will receive contracts worth almost ₹ 4 lakh crore within the next six to seven years. The list includes high technology weapon systems like "artillery guns, assault rifles, corvettes, sonar systems, transport aircrafts, light combat helicopters, radars and many other items", the Centre said in a statement. The list also includes wheeled Armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs), with an embargo date of December 2021, "of which the Army is expected to contract almost 200 at an approximate cost of over ₹ 5,000 crore," the ministry informed. Navy is likely to place demands for submarines with indicative import embargo date of December 2021, of which it expects to contract about six at an approximate cost of almost ₹ 42,000 crore. Air Force has decided to enlist the LCA MK 1A with an indicative embargo date of December 2020. The list has been prepared by the defence ministry after consultations with all stakeholders, including the Armed Forces, public and private industry, Rajnath Singh said.