CNN Shuts Office in New York Over Suspicious Package Containing Live Explosive And White Powder
CNN (Photo: CommentaryMagazine)

New York, October 24: US-based CNN news network on Wednesday announced on its screen that it had evacuated its New York bureau over a suspicious package similar to those addressed to former US president Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. New York Police Department (NYPD) was at the Time Warner Center, where the CNN bureau is located, to investigate reports of a suspicious package.

"NYPD and our law enforcement partners responded to reports of a suspicious package at CNN. Officers identified the device that appeared to be a live explosive device. NYPD bomb squad secured the device and removed it for investigation," New York Police Commissioner James P O'Neill said.

"Additionally, there was an envelope containing white powder, discovered as part of that original packaging. We're investing that right now. We found no additional threats besides the white powder. NYPD is currently deploying resources around the city," he added.

This came after the Secret Service intercepted two packages containing "potential explosive devices" addressed to US former First Lady Hillary Clinton in New York and former President Barack Obama in Washington. Neither Obama nor Clinton received the packages or were at risk of receiving them, the agency said.

Suspecious packages were discovered during "routine mail screening procedures." The package intended for Obama was intercepted in Washington on Wednesday morning while the one for Clinton was addressed to her in Westchester County, New York, on Tuesday, CNN reported. According to the FBI, the package intended for Clinton was found in the vicinity of her residence.