Earthquake of Magnitude 7.5 Strikes Russia's Kamchatka, Tsunami Warning Issued
Image used for representational purpose only | (Photo Credits: PTI)

Moscow, December 20: A strong earthquake of 7.5 magnitude struck Russia's Kamchatka region on December 20, in the morning.

A Tsunami warning has been issued in the coastal areas after the strong earthquake. Indonesia Earthquake, Tsunami Death Toll Reaches 1,763, Search Mission Extended.

High waves are expected within 300 kilometers of where the earthquake struck or its epicenter, which is Kamchatka coastal region.

The US government’s Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said that no warning has been issued yet to Alaska, the continental US or Hawaii.

A strong earthquake of magnitude 7.5 on the Richter scale had hit central Indonesia in September. A strong tsunami hit the Indonesian city following the powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake, resulting in panicked people running on the streets amid collapsing buildings. Over 2,000 people reportedly died due to the earthquake and Tsunami in Indonesia, causing massive loss of lives and property.