Iran Closes Shalamche Border Crossing With Iraq; Orders Its Citizens To Return Immediately
Representational Image | Iran National Flag (Photo: Flickr)

Basra, September 7: Iran has also closed Shalamche border crossing with Iraq and asked its citizens to leave Iraqi city Basra immediately after protesters stormed the Iranian Consulate in Iraq's southern oil hub Basra on Friday. The protesters stormed the Iranian Consulate building in the southern Iraq city was burnt and destroyed.

Iraqi protesters also set fire to a provincial government building and several Iran-backed political parties’ headquarters, before moving to the Iranian consulate on Thursday night. According to a report published in Al Arabia, they chanted slogans against “Iranian interference.”

Video of Iraqi protesters protesting against Iran:

Videos of protesters protesting against Iran went viral on social media. They also set on fire the headquarters of the Iranian-backed Asaib Ahl al-Haq militia. In the clashes with security forces, one protester was killed, and 14 injured. According to local media reports, 10 security personnel were also injured.