Quetta [Pakistan], Nov 01 (ANI): At least five workers, including an engineer of a construction company, were killed in Gunz area of Jiwani in Balochistan's Gwadar district on Wednesday afternoon.

Armed men attacked personnel of the construction company in Gunz area of Jiwani, about 80 kilometres from the port city of Gwadar. The deceased were reportedly working on a China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)-related housing scheme.

Meanwhile, spokesperson of the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), Azad Baloch, called media sources and accepted responsibility for the Gwadar and Rajanpur attacks.

Azad Baloch said that China and Pakistan are building around 70 housing schemes under the exploitative CPEC project to colonise the Baloch land. "The site attacked today was part of CPEC project," he added.

The BLA spokesperson said that Pakistan has organised a conference of twenty six countries in the name of 'Asian Parliamentarian Assembly - APA' in its attempt assert the legality of its illegal occupation in Balochistan.

"Today's attack is a clear message to China and all other countries that Balochistan is an occupied territory. We warn China to halt working on all the projects including a planned naval base in Jiwani, Balochistan. The BLA will continue to resist against the occupation of Baloch Ocean and coastal belt," Azad Baloch said.

The spokesperson further said that according to international laws bringing demographic changes to an occupied territory is against the law, adding that, "China and Pakistan are settling Punjabis and Chinese in Gwadar and other areas of Balochistan's coastal belt to turn the Baloch into a minority under their expansionist designs."

He said it was the responsibility of the international community to act against colonisation of Baloch land according to international laws.

"If the international community fails to fulfil their responsibilities and turn a blind eye to the Pakistani and Chinese colonisation of Balochistan, then the Baloch nation will have no other option but to target all non-Baloch settlers in Balochistan," he said.

He said any agreement with China and other countries by Pakistan, without the consent of the Baloch nation and before the freedom of Balochistan, has no legal standing.

"Hence, we warn all military and other constructions companies to immediately stop working on their projects in Gwadar or they will be targeted by Baloch fighters," Azad Baloch said.

He also said that Baloch fighters have earlier targeted a Pakistani security force vehicle in Dalla Thal area of Rajanpur on Tuesday evening, killing at least five Pakistani soldiers and injuring one. Azad Baloch accepted responsibility for targeting the Pakistani forces.

He claimed that five Pakistani forces were killed in this attack and several others were wounded.

Azad Baloch said that Pakistani forces and their death squads have intensified abduction of Baloch women and young girls.

"The abduction and torture of a 14-year-old girl from Panjgur shows that Pakistani state is unaware of the rule of war and it proves that Pakistani army and intelligence agencies are committing war crimes in Balochistan," the BLA spokesperson said.

He said, "The BLA vows to protect Baloch land and its resources and continuously resist against those who violate the Baloch code of honour and secular Baloch values." (ANI)

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