New Delhi [India], July 8 (ANI/#skmaskon): Leading live-streaming mobile app StreamKar has launched a campaign to fight against Covid -19. They have opted to remind people and make them aware about the importance of wearing masks appropriately.

As their moral responsibility towards people, StreamKar launched the #skmaskon' campaign. Under this initiative, StreamKar aims to distribute more than 3000 free masks to people in the rural areas who live in dire situations. The mission is to distribute masks to impoverished people to minimize the threat and help stop the transmission of this deadly virus in the community.

Understanding that there is a need to remind people about the consequences and how significant it is to spread awareness about how and why we should wear masks, StreamKar launched the #skmaskon campaign. As reports state, India recorded an all-time high of more than 4 lac new infections on May 06th, along with uncountable deaths. There also lies a vast concern about emerging Covid-19 variants like Delta Plus, that could hit India and can also be the cause of the third-wave of the pandemic. WHO has urged the nation to play it safe and continue wearing face masks and practice safety measures, even to citizens who have been vaccinated.

An agency holder of the StreamKar app narrated his experience of how poverty hit people in his area, who had no access to masks and sanitizers, lost their livelihood due to lockdown and among them was a man who contracted this disease and succumbed to his life leaving 2 kids and a wife behind.

That's when the idea struck on roping in representatives that live in the interior parts of India like UP, Jamshedpur, Sikkim, West Bengal, etc. for the #skmaskon initiative. The representatives had to visit people in their locality, distribute face masks and make people aware and remind them of how wearing a mask can keep them safe. This activity challenges app users to post pictures and videos of them spreading the important message and it also empowers others to hop onto this challenge by participating actively.

StreamKar witnessed a huge response from their representatives and volunteers.

"Feeling very happy that I am volunteering for this free mask distribution campaign. It's important to do something for our people around us, especially those who are in need. I have seen people who can't afford a mask and have also seen people who don't wear them appropriately. Through this awareness campaign by StreamKar, I am urging people to wear masks and wear them appropriately," said Mann Chowdhary from Jaipur, a StreamKar agent who has been volunteering in this on-going campaign.

Another representative Krishna from Bihar is also very excited to participate in this charity campaign and make people of his locality aware. He says, "I stay in a village and people here are still very casual about basic precautions they should be following and don't wear masks properly, under this initiative we are able to make them aware by giving them masks. I am happy to be part of this campaign.

Rahmat Khan from Baliya- Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh shares his experience about this campaign. "When I started distributing masks a beggar came upto me and started crying and said I needed a fresh mask from a very long time but I was unable to get one, he thanked me and blessed me. This campaign has made me happy that I'm helping people around.

With 40 million downloads, StreamKar is the most downloaded and biggest live streaming mobile application with engaging in-app events, shows, games and has been a reliable resource through which creators earned money during the pandemic. The app is available on Google PlayStore as well as iOS.

Streamkar supports all major languages like English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, etc. the main target is on getting local language-speaking streamers and users on this platform and making it a multilingual app suitable for all its users from different regions.

This professional live video streaming app comes with many fun events and activities for all its users and streamers. for example, PK Live Battles is as live video competition, where one streamer invites another streamer where they showcase their skill live to the audience and let the audience only decide who is the one with best talent and that streamer wins.

Apart from being a live video stream app, StreamKar is an all - in one social entertainment platform and offers a variety of content to consume for the users as well. For the influencers, this live video streaming mobile application features a good amount of potential reach and audience by which the talents can gain popularity and fame in no time.

StreamKar's SpotlightKaro! show is favorite amongst the community because it allows a streamer to have a dedicated time slot to come live and video stream. Under SpotlightKaro! there are 11 shows hosted by experts and 61 other shows that are being allotted to the streamers who are the talents that get promoted through another show called Fresher's Buzz. It's an all-in-one family entertainer. Users can also earn rewards during the show which is one of the unique features of StreamKar.

The mobile app features a strict policy against all the users not abiding by rules and going against restrictions limit. it's safe to mention that the users are safe and sound when broadcasting and interacting with users.

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