Priyanka Chopra Is Still Upset That Nick Jonas Did Not Kiss Her After Their First Meet
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas (Photo Credits: Facebook)

Well, well, this is one interesting story you need to hear. Priyanka Chopra is still upset with Nick Jonas for something that he committed or should we say didn't commit two years ago. In their recent chat with Vogue US, the IT couple of Hollywood and Bollywood alike revealed details about their first date and that was way before they appeared together at MET Gala in 2017. Yes, the couple was very much flirting way before Ralph Lauren invited them to attend this big event together. It all started at Vanity Fair Oscars party where Nick was completely smitten by Priyanka. He even went down on his knees to say ‘You’re real. Where have you been all my life?’ in front of the entire crowd. Of course, she was impressed with his cute gesture and they continued to stay in touch. Priyanka Chopra – Nick Jonas Wedding: The Couple Made Their Guests Sign a Confidentiality Clause?

Just before they were expected to arrive at MET Gala 2017, the couple met for a proper drink, an evening they both were eagerly waiting for. They had a great time and towards the end of their dinner, PeeCee even invited Jonas to her apartment in NYC. Okay hold your thoughts right there for the story won't shape up the way you're expecting. Priyanka's mother was staying with her during those days and she was at her apartment that night watching Law & Order in her nightgown - TMI (Too much information in Karan Johar's language). Priyanka Chopra's Nickname for Husband-To-Be Nick Jonas is Old Man Jonas and the reason is.

Later when the Nick was about to leave her apartment, he simply patted her back and left! Oops, a blunder any guy would think twice to commit. Nick confirms there was no kiss, in fact there was nothing but a simple pat. PeeCee is still upset about that but Nick believes it was respectful since her mother was around them. Chopra however taunted him saying that 'It was too respectful." We are sure the American singer made up for it later as his proposal would make any girl beam from ear to ear. Today she's smitten by him and he's head over heels in love with her. All we can say is that their match is indeed made in heaven!