‘6 Underground’ Director Micheal Bay Feels Nothing Can Beat the Cinema Screen Experience
Micheal Bay (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

He's directed high-concept actioners such as Armageddon, Pearl Harbour and the Transformers franchise. Filmmaker Micheal Bay is venturing into the digital space with a new movie 6 Underground for Netflix now. He "regrets" not releasing the film on the big screen and adds that the "moviegoing experience in some ways is sort of dying". Ryan Reynolds Jokes About the Action Scenes in Netflix’s ‘6 Underground’, Says ‘Doing Stunts Isn’t Hilarious Anymore after the Age of 40’.

"Of course you have regrets. But I do think big-scale action with big imagery when you come from big cinema, and I appreciate the movie screen. Our whole business has changed in the past three to four years, and we have to get used to a new world," Bay told the media here. "People want to consume things in different ways and the moviegoing experience in some ways is sort of dying," he added. 6 Underground Official Trailer: Ryan Reynolds Is All Set for Some Action on Netflix This December.

6 Underground, tells the story of six individuals who form a vigilante squad after faking their deaths in order to take down notorious criminals to bring about change in the world. The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Melanie Laurent, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Adria Arjona, Corey Hawkins and Ben Hardy. Bay describes the film to be about "reluctant heroes". "It's about reluctant heroes who are underdogs, who face sort fo evil to redeem themselves," he said.