‘Me on Ellen’ Memes Take Over the Internet as Fans Reimagine Bizarre Scenarios! View Tweets
Ellen DeGeneres memes (Photo Credits: Twitter)

A new meme has taken over the internet. Don't be surprised if you see Ellen Degeneres mention this one on the show. Because this meme trend hits home. The 'me on Ellen' meme has users listing down bizarre scenarios that the popular chat show host would make come true if they were on the show. We love Ellen. Often she invites special guests on the show, and fulfils one or the other of their dreams. We all have imagined being on Ellen's show and being gifted a smart TV. Haven't we? No? Just me, then. Please DM me links to articles about self-improvement.

So, taking a poke at the very Ellen gifts stuff to unsuspecting guests, Twitterati built their own dream scenarios with her. And all the scenarios are bizarre.

Check 'em out!

That was enough of the internet for us. And thank God these are not the real scenarios taking place on The Ellen Degeneres Show. And what is wrong with y'all? Who hurt you, baby? We hope to see Ellen read these scenarios on her show. That would be fun.