Kasautii Zindagii Kay December 4, 2018 Written Update Full Episode: Prerna And Anurag Have A Romantic Moment In The Bedroom

Today’s episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 starts with the haldi function of Prerna (Erica Fernandes). Nivedita Basu (Pooja Banerjee) attends the function and behaves mean with Prerna. While applying haldi on Prerna’s face she tries to hurt her and pretends like it is an accident. Meanwhile, Shivani searches for Anurag (Parth Samthaan) as she wants to tell him about the letter, she found in Prerna’s room. However, her mother assigns her other work and she’s unable to speak to him. She then tries to gesture Anurag from the kitchen but fails to find an opportunity to talk to him as Anurag doesn’t understand what Shivani is trying to tell him as he’s engaged in talks with Prerna’s grandmother. Prerna sees that her sister is stressed and wonders what happened.

Prerna’s father Rajesh (Kali Prasad Mukherjee) comes to Anurag and asks what was he discussing. Anurag says that Chachiji has a good memory unlike what most people think. While talking to Rajesh, he accidentally is about to reveal that he had once promised his aunt that he will marry Prerna, but stops in time. Chachiji calls Rajesh and Anurag to come and apply haldi to Prerna. When Madhuri is about to apply haldi to Prerna, Chachiji says how this ritual is not just to get nikhaar (glow) for the bride but also ward off nazar (evil eye). Prerna’s father puts haldi to his daughter and becomes very emotional. He gets a call and goes out of the room.  Prerna’s sister-in-law tells Mohini aunty (Shubhaavi Choksey) to take a tour of their house and takes her and her daughter around. Chachiji calls Anurag to come and put haldi to Prerna, but they get into an eye-lock and get engrossed in each other’s eyes.

Prerna asks him what did her sister Shivani tell him, he says nothing and asks her to stop being jealous.  Just then he was suddenly pushed by mistake by a guest and he drops over Prerna’s arm and their cheeks rub and Anurag gets Prerna’s haldi all over his face. Prerna asks him to come up to her room and clean up. Prerna’s mom (Kanupriya Pandit) sees them going up and thinks to herself that it’s good that Anurag’s mom (Mohini) is not there otherwise she would have blamed Prerna for this incident too. Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 Spoilers: Anurag To Meet With An Accident, Courtesy Navin; Prerna Rushes To Meet Anurag!

Navin’s Bhabhi also sees all this and tells to herself that there is something going on between Anurag and Prerna.  Prerna’s sister wants to show the letter to Anurag, but he is in Prerna’s room and she is super tensed. Upstairs, Prerna takes Anurag to the bathroom to clean his face, she washes her hand and goes to bring a towel. Meanwhile, Anurag washes his face and while doing so, he removes his kurta and accidentally drops it into a bucket of water. Just then Prerna comes and sees him without his shirt and gets embarrassed. She turns away and goes out of the room, Anurag comes behind her to take the towel and explains why he removed the towel. Both get into a banter and with Anurag having nothing to wear, Prerna offers him her brother’s kurta. But when she’s looking for the clothes Anurag trips on the carpet and falls over Prerna on the bed and another romantic moment unfolds between the two.

Downstairs, Naveen’s Bhabhi thinks she should tell Mohini that Anurag and Prerna have gone upstairs and have been missing for long. Just then Mohini enters the room and Bhabhi deliberately asks Prerna’s mother in front of her as to why hasn’t Anurag come down from Prerna’s room? Mohini asks what is Anurag doing in Prerna’s room and to this, Nivedita lies that Anurag is calling her upstairs as she wants her mother to find out that something is cooking between Prerna and her brother.  

Bhabhi is happy as she wanted Mohini to go up and see Anurag and Prerna’s closeness. In Prerna’s room, Anurag wears a shirt and says now she can see him as he has worn the shirt. He teases her if there’s a custom of wearing just one earring for haldi ceremony. Confused Prerna looks at the mirror and realises that she has dropped her earring. She is unable to concentrate and feels distracted looking at Anurag so closely. Looking at her struggle with her earring Anurag offers to help and makes her wear the earring.

When Prerna tries to walk away, Anurag holds her hand and stops her. He asks her if something is bothering her. To which Prerna says no. Anurag asks her who does she consult when she’s sad. Prerna says that she asks the Moon for solutions. Anurag laughs and tries to look at Prerna a little longer. Prerna compliments and asks him if she has ever told him how handsome he looks. Then she goes on to ask if she has ever told him how boring he is. Anurag smiles and takes all of this in good humour. But when she tells him that she will miss him after she gets married and leaves, Anurag gets emotional and tells her that she should not miss him. Anurag tells her that he will not let her go anywhere and that he will get whatever he wants.  She then reminds him about her wedding the next day. To this, he says they have the whole night to themselves. Mohini enters the room when they are talking and asks Anurag what is he wearing? She says it looks very middle class and asks why he called her? Anurag says he did not ask her to come upstairs, but on realizing that his sister did this deliberately, he tries to cover up and tells he wanted to know from his mom how he looked in the outfit. Mohini is very happy to see how her son wants her approval. She boasts that he is her son and he will look good in anything. Mohini holds her son’s hand and takes him downstairs, as he leaves the room Anurag continues to look behind at Prerna, who smiles awkwardly.

In tomorrow’s episode, we’ll see Shivani confront Prerna. Will Anurag find out about the letter and Navin’s plan and save Prerna from making a mistake by marrying Navin?